LEEP Jewelry

Welcome to Lee Centeno Jewelry & Design!

Lee Centeno creates LEEP Jewelry, which is handcrafted using sterling silver, accented with copper, brass and bronze to create contemporary pieces of art that are eye catching and functional. As a jeweler Lee looks for patterns in nature and unique aspects of the Maine coast to inspire her work. The designs focus on simple shapes that echo the world around her.

Most recently, Lee has created the Maine Coast Bracelet series.  Having grown-up in Belfast, Lee has also lived in Bar Harbor, the Portland area, and is now in the process of moving to Harpswell.  She loves the Maine coast and is inspired by the wonderful villages along the coast and the natural beauty that Maine has to offer.  The Maine Coast Bracelet series highlights unique and special places and make wonderful keepsakes for both Maine residents and visitors.

Lee uses only cold connections. This approach relies on bending, piercing, wrapping and riveting metals together, rather than the more traditional use of heat and solder. This method of metal work brings a unique element to each piece and challenges Lee as an artist to develop a line of jewelry that is unlike many others. As a result of this technique, and because each piece is made by hand, no two are exactly alike. 

New designs are always in progress, please check back regularly to see what's new. Wholesale and consignment orders are welcome.